Korean soybean side dish ( Ddangkong jorim: 땅콩조림 )


– Ingredients –
200ml soybeans, a fistful of garlics,
50ml grain syrup, 50ml thick soy sauce, 1tbsp sesame salt, 1tbsp sesame oil, 1tsp sugar – recipe –
1. Wash soybeans clean.
2. Boil the soybeans once.
3. Rinse the boiled soybeans in water.
4. Pour the 400ml water into a pot, and add soybeans to boil them.
5. When the water is boiling, add soy sauce, grain syrup.
6. When the water is reduced by 1/2, add garlics.
7. When the water is boiled down fully, add sugar, chili peppers, sesame oil, sesame sugar in order.
8. Boil them down more. That's it! instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ddookdak/

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