Amazing Cheese-Stuffed grilled peppers — Great for starters or side-dishes!


This is one of my favorite recipes out of all the Hispanic-inspired BBQ dishes you can find in Miami, at restaurants or backyard BBQs! These peppers go great with anything! I was craving something spicy, so I chose to grill these halves of bell peppers and stuff them with a hearty gouda mixed with Jalapeno Havarti. After about half an hour on the grill, they come out with delicious, melted, gooey cheese! You’re gonna love the sweet, smoky flavor! What to do: Cut the peppers into little bowl shape pieces, this helps for the cheese to stay within the pepper.
Carefully remove the seeds.
Use whatever you like to stuff the peppers and get creative! You could use meat, eggs, play around with it and see what you like best. Serve and enjoy! What are you grilling this week? Send us tips, ideas or recipes of what you think FOGO should be grilling! Video shot and edited by Juan Diaz –
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