Pokémon Inspired Ditto Milk Bread


https://www.instagram.com/katlieu I “caught” a ditto in the wild, and did you know, it makes the best milk bread and tastes like ube. Pokémon Inspired Ditto Milk Bread with ube halaya and alcremie cream recipe ⬇️ Follow @katlieu for more fun recipes 1 ditto Cream from Alcremie Butter, brown sugar, cream cheese, ube halaya, ube extract Which Pokémon do we cook next (and Pokémon are eaten in the show) Milk bread recipes can be found on modernasianbaking.com Modern Asian Baking at Home cookbook by Kat Lieu RECIPE For the milk bread: 350 g bread flour 85 g granulated sugar 180 g milk 8 g active dry yeast ¼ cup unsalted butter Pinch of salt Ube extract For the filling: Ube halaya, butter and brown sugar For the frosting: Heavy cream, ube extract Bake the milk bread dough for 35 minutes at 350°F

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